Quiet Server Cabinet

8U Quiet Server Cabinet




  • 19″ Rack-mount cabinet
  • Interior lined with noise absorbing and noise blocking foam (-10dB reduction) video
  • Front intake via duct/door
  • Rear exhaust via duct/door (with a 4×10-inch cutout to connect to an exhaust system)
  • 4x 8U round hole server rack posts
  • Reversible hinges
  • 2.5-inch casters


Form Factor 8U
Materials Aluminum extrusion, aluminum sheeting, acrylic
Supported chassis depth 23.5-inches (596mm)
Internal Dimensions Height: 15.5-inches (394mm)
Width: 20.5-inches (521mm)
Depth: 23.5-inches (596mm)
External Dimensions Height: 20.5-inches (521mm)
Width: 21.5-inches (546mm)
Depth: 37.5-inches (957mm)
Weight 49 pounds (22.3 kg)

Assembly manual.

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