Two of our more recent custom cases include a tall tower with 18 IO slots and a shallow server case with a removable motherboard tray.

Three tier frame for a GPU rendering rig

This is a three tier open-air frame for a GPU rendering rig, which will consist of a Threadripper Pro system, seven RTX 3090 cards, a 240 AIO and dual PSUs.

Open-air Cases for GPU Mining

Open-air cases are designed specifically for scrypt (GPU) mining e.g. EthereumLitecoinDogecoin, X11 (Darkcoin)/X13 (Marucoin), etc., where the GPUs are mounted over the motherboard (via riser/ribbon cables) and widely spaced for optimal cooling.

Mining frame

More info here.

Compact Tech Station Reviewed by Overclockers




Helmer Replacement Drawers

These replacement drawers/case for IKEA’s Helmer cabinet transform it into a stylish personal computer or low cost render farm.  Sizes range from 1 to 5 “drawer” high.

Five “drawer high” full-size ATX case (sized for a 120×3 liquid cooled radiator):

Helmer Mod

Three drawer high miniITX case:

One drawer mini-ITX renderfarm node:

Modular Test Bench (Tech Station)

The modular test benches (tech station) come in various sizes to accommodate cooling radiators of all sizes.


Tech Trays

I designed these simple, all aluminum, heavy-duty, open air trays for folders, benchers and miners.  With the optional “floating GPU’ support beam, these become the perfect open air case for Bitcoin/Litecoin mining rigs.

The stackable trays can be used to create a space efficient computing “farm.”

Open PC case

I’ve been building custom computer cases for many years now, so feel free to contact me if you want any customization/extension to these.