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Latest Custom Build – Frame for 24x Drives

Our latest custom build is a frame for 24x 5.25-inch drives.

Frame for 24x 5.25-inch drives

Compact Tech Tray

This compact tech tray can can accommodate an ATX motherboard.

Compact test bench

More info here.

Open-air Cases for GPU Mining

Open-air cases are designed specifically for scrypt (GPU) mining e.g. EthereumLitecoinDogecoin, X11 (Darkcoin)/X13 (Marucoin), etc., where the GPUs are mounted over the motherboard (via riser/ribbon cables) and widely spaced for optimal cooling.

Mining frame

More info here.

Compact Tech Station Reviewed by Overclockers

Helmer Replacement Drawers

These replacement drawers/case for IKEA’s Helmer cabinet transform it into a stylish personal computer or low cost render farm.  Sizes range from 1 to 5 “drawer” high.

Five “drawer high” full-size ATX case (sized for a 120×3 liquid cooled radiator):

Helmer Mod

Three drawer high miniITX case:

One drawer miniITX renderfarm node:

Modular Test Bench (Tech Station)

The modular test benches (tech station) come in various sizes to accommodate cooling radiators of all sizes.

Micro Tech Station Compact Tech Station for front 120x3 radiator  Small Tech Station for two side 120x3 radiators Large Tech Station for two side 120x4 radiators

Helmer Tech Tray

The Helmer tech tray is a replacement drawer for Ikea’s Helmer cabinet.  The drawer is sized perfectly for a miniITX rig.

 Radiator Stand

Finally!  A stand for 4x120mm radiators!

This heavy duty radiator stand can hold 1-2 4x120mm(s) along with pumps, reservoirs, bay devices and a PSU, anywhere on the t-slot extrusions.

The stand can be re-configured to mount a single radiator or oriented to hold radiator(s) in a horizontal orientation

.Radiator Stand.

Tech Trays

I designed these simple, all aluminum, heavy-duty, open air trays for folders, benchers and miners.  With the optional “floating GPU’ support beam, these become the perfect open air case for Bitcoin/Litecoin mining rigs.

The stackable trays can be used to create a space efficient computing “farm.”

Open PC case

Stack of two 4p trays with optional cover

I’ve been building custom computer cases for a few years now, so feel free to contact me if you want any customization/extension to these.