6-7 GPU Mining Frame Assembly

Attach a side support beam to a post using a M3x20mm bolt and washer.

Note: The milled-out areas of the support beam should be oriented so they will eventually be facing up.

Attach the second post to the support beam using a M3x20mm bolt and washer.

Attach the bottom support beam using M3x20mm bolts and washers.

Repeat the process for the other side support sub-assembly.

Insert four hex nuts into the bottom side support beams, via the milled-out areas.

Attach the three motherboard support beams (pre-drilled for the motherboard standoffs) and another beam to the side support sub-assembly.

Attach the milled GPU support beam to the posts.

Insert seven hex nuts into the top slots of the two USB riser support beams.

Attach the USB riser support beams to the frame via M3x20mm bolts and washers.

Attach the motherboard standoffs/spacers to the frame via M3x20mm bolts.

Attach the four rubber feet to the bottom of the frame via M3x6mm bolts.

Attach the USB risers to the frame via two M3x10mm bolts (at opposite corners).