Tech Tray/Bench

These all aluminum, heavy-duty cases are designed and built to house “open air” PC rigs, such as those used for F@HS@H, BOINC, LN2-cooling and testing/benching.

The trays come in three sizes: ATX, EATX, and 4p/MEB/SWTX.

All of the trays can be stacked with the purchase of two additional posts (all necessary fasteners are included).

ATX Open-frame Tray

The open frame ATX size tray measures 8.75 x 17.75 x 10.75-inches (H x W x D).

ATX-size tech tray

ATX-size tech tray

With the addition of an optional lower tier, the tray becomes a full-blown tech/test station/bench:

Drives are mounted to the rails via rubber grommets that are attached to the drives with button head bolts (M3 for SSD/OD and #6-23 for 3.5-inch hard drive):



In response to the video review by LinusTechTips, the tech station has been improved with added support beams for the PSU and a radiator.

Extra radiator support beam

PSU support beam

EATX Open-frame Tray

The open frame EATX size tray measures 8.75 x 17.75 x 14-inches (H x W x D).

EATX-size tech tray

EATX-size tech tray

EATX-size tray with optional lower tier (along with an optional drive cage):

4p/MEB/SWTX Open-frame Tray

The MEB/SWTX size tray measure 9.75 x 23.5 x 16.25-inches (H x W x D).

4p/MEB/SWTX Open Frame Tray

The open frame MEB/SWTX size tray measures 9.75 x 23.5 x 16.25-inches (H x W x D).

SWTX tray

Options for open-frame tech trays

End caps.

Hard drive mounting rails

Assembly instructions.

Price/How to order.