Custom Computer Cases

We build custom computer cases from high-quality materials (such as aluminum sheeting and anodized t‑slot extrusion) to fit your specific needs.

We can design and manufacture a custom high-quality enclosure to house your PC, server, GPU rig, render station, or external water cooling radiator.


Latest Custom Build – Tall Tower with 18 IO Slots

Our latest custom build is a super tall tower with 18 IO slots.

Shallow Serer Case with Removable Motherboard Tray

Frame for the BIOSTAR TB360-BTC D+ Riserless Motherboard

A simple frame for the BIOSTAR TB360-BTC D+ riserless motherboard and server PSU.

Open-frame for 48x HDs

This is a two tier frame for 48x HDs, two server PSUs and an EEB form factor motherboard. 

Three Tier Open-frame

This is a three tier open-air frame for a GPU rendering rig, which will consist of a Threadripper Pro system, seven RTX 3090 cards, a 240 AIO and dual PSUs.



Square Server/rack case

Simple shallow server case frame

Custom shallow 4U case frame.

Server case frame

Custom server case frame

Custom Frame for 24x 5.25-inch Drives

Custom computer case frame for 2x PSUs and 24x 5.25-inch drives.

Box for 4x 420 Radiators


MicroATX Tech Station for Liquid Cooling

This custom microATX tech station was designed for a rig to be kept cool via single-phase liquid cooling.

Framer for liquid cooled rig.

Custom computer case frame for a submerged liquid cooled rig.

Stand for a Reservoir and Radiator

This custom stand for a Radikult Custom reservoir and a 420 radiator was made from 15mm square anodized t-slot extrusion.

Custom t-slot radiator stand

Tall and Deep Radiator Box

This custom tall, narrow and deep external radiator box holds holds a SFX PSU, fan controller, and a 560 radiator (4x 140mm).

Custom t-slot radiator stand
Custom PC case for external radiator

Here’s the radiator box installed in its unique location:

Custom radiator box
Custom external radiator box

Frame for 12x 5.25-inch drives

We built this case frame to house a workstation motherboard (X9DR3‑LN4F+) and 12x 5.25″ drive bays.
Custom computer case frame for 12x external drives

Custom case for 12x 5.25-inch drives

Box for 560 Radiator

This custom radiator box was built to house an Alphacool 560 radiator, SFX PSU, fan controller and an EK reservoir.

Custom case for 560 radiator
Custom radiator box
External radiator box
External radiator case

Render Station

This custom enclosure was designed and built to house an ATX motherboard, but with four GPUs mounted over the motherboard, running SideFX and Redshift software.

Custom computer case for a Redshift rig
Custom computer case for a GPU rig
Custom computer case

Test Bench for Server Form Factor Motherboards

A test bench for a large server motherboard (SSI EEB-spec, such as INTEL® SERVER BOARD S2600CW2R).

Test bench
Custom test bench

GPU Server Case

GPU mining server form factor case frame.

Custom GPU server case frame

4P/SWTX Case

Another custom case built to house a large 4P/SWTX size motherboard such as the X10DSC+.

Custom 4p/SWTX case
Custom computer case

Tiny Frame for Military Night Vision Goggles Case

This computer case frame was sized to fit in a mod’d night vision goggle case.

Custom computer case
Custom PC case
Custom PC enclosure

All-In-One Case

This large all-in-one case frame had the PC on the back and the monitor on the front (included a VESA mount).

Custom computer case
Custom PC case
Custom computer case

Radiator boxes

Here’s a couple of external radiator boxes.

This radiator box was sized to hold 3x 5.25-inch devices and 2x 360 radiators.

Radiator box

This box held 2x 240 radiators.

Custom liquid cool radiator box

A CaseLabs 360  radiator mount was used in this radiator box:

External radiator box

Small Form Factor

A custom mini-ITX case frame.

Custom computer case frame
Custom computer case

An oak SFF PC case:

Oak mini-ITX PC case
Custom oak PC case

A cherry micro-ATX case:

Custom cherry mini-ITX case
Wooden PC case
Wood PC case

Wooden Cases

A very large wooden case.

Custom wood PC case
Custom wooden PC case

This modular wooden case was designed to hold an EVGA SR2 motherboard along with multiple quad 140mm radiators.

Custom PC case
Custom PC case

Drum Cases

These cases were built the same way a musical drum builder would build them. The yellow case was commissioned by AMD for a booth at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Drum cases
Custom computer case
Custom PC case

More pictures of custom cases are in the gallery.

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