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All cases are made-to-order.

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Drop-in Bracket GPU Support Bracket

The bracket adds the ability to mount 7 GPUs at front of a Rosewill L4000, L4000B or L4500 server chassis.  pic

The drop-in bracket is $60. Two brackets can fit in a medium size USPS Flat-rate box for $14, three or more in a large flat rate box.

Mining Frame for two PSUs and 8 GPUs

The two PSU mining frame is $115.

Modding Block Brackets

Set of 10 modding block brackets (includes twenty M3 square nuts) is $15.  pic  

Helmer Replacement Drawers

A single Helmer tech tray (replacement drawer) is $75.  Quantity of 4x or more, less a 10% discount e.g. 6x Helmer Trays is $405.

The two drawer high miniITX case is $90.

The three drawer high miniITX case (horizontal miniITX, full-size ATX PSU and GPU) is $110.

The five drawer high ATX case is $145.

The six drawer high ATX case is $165. COMING SOON!

Compact Tech Tray

The compact tech tray is $95.

Modular Compact Tech Station

The modular compact tech station is $149.

Mini Tech Station

The mini tech station (for a miniITX form factor motherboard) is $60.

Micro Tech Station

The micro tech station (for 1x 120×1 radiator) is $95.

Compact Tech Station

The compact tech station (for 1x 120×3 radiator) is $135.

Optional lower-tier for the compact station is +$65 (includes 8x fan tabs).  pic

Small Tech Station

The small tech station (for 2x 120/140×3 radiators) is $145.

Optional lower-tier for the small station is +$75 (includes 8x fan tabs).  pic

Large Tech Station

The large tech station (for 2x 120×4 radiators) is $195.

Optional lower-tier for the large station is +$90 (includes 8x fan tabs).  pic

ATX-size open-frame tech tray

The ATX-size open-frame tech tray is $85.

Optional lower-tier for ATX-size tray is +$60.  pic  pic

EATX-size open-frame tech tray

The EATX-size open-frame tech tray is $95.

Optional lower-tier for EATX-size tray is +$65.

4P/SWTX open-frame tech tray

The 4p/SWTX-size open-frame tech tray is $100.

Optional lower-tier for SWTX-size tray is +$70.

Radiator Stand

The radiator stand for two 4x120mm (or smaller) radiators is $105.

Custom Work

For non-mining related cases, unusual 4p/SWTX-sized cases, or custom case work, feel free to contact me at


Pair of rails to mount a SSD is +$5 pic.

A extra fan support beam for one/two PSU mining tray (includes all required fasteners for 4x/5x 120/140mm fans) is +$15.

Set of 4x large 90-degree angle brackets, 6x fan tabs and all required fasteners is +$15.

Set of 4x fan tabs and all required fasteners is +$5.25.

Set of 6x fan tabs and all required fasteners is +$8.

Set of 8x fan tabs and all required fasteners is +$10.50.

Comfort grip 2.5mm driver is +$2.50. Now included with every order. pic

Set of 4x plastic end caps is +$2.25.

One drive cage (can accommodate 4x 3.5/5.25-inch drives) is +$15.  pic

One universal pump/reservoir mounting bracket/platform is +15.  pic  pic  pic

Switch mounting plate +$2.50 (switch not included).  pic

Adapter to mount 3.5-inch drive in 5.25-inch drive cage  +$2.50 pic pic pic

Floor/bottom (black acrylic or aluminum sheet) for a tech station is +$15; +$20 for the large tech station. pic pic

Flexible fan holder +$25.  pic  pic 

DVD mounting for 5 and 6 drawer high Helmer replacement cases +10.  pic

Set of 10 modding block brackets (including fourty M3 square nuts) is $15.  pic  


  • Pre-payment in full is required.
  • All payments are made via PayPal (all major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.)
  • The actual shipping charge will be determined when the order is placed, but in some circumstances, a separate additional payment for the actual UPS shipping charge will be issued to your PayPal email address when the order is ready to ship.
  • Please note that it might take 5-6 business days before your order is ready to ship.

Lead time is currently 3-4 business days.

Yes, we do ship internationally.

How To Order

To order any of these cases (or any variation thereof), please send an email to:

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