New Accessory: Switch Plate

New accessory!  Switch plate for 19mm switches.

Re-configurable Drive Cage

The drive cage can now be re-assembled for either 4x 5.25-inch or 3.5-inch drives.

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New Motherboard Mounting “Posts”

Tech stations will now include a few motherboard mounting “posts”, for easy/quick motherboard mounting.

Motherboard mounting post

New Universal Mounting Platform

A new accessory for all of the trays/benches is a “universal” mounting platform/bracket.

The spacing of all of the anodized aluminum flat bars can be adjusted to accommodate practically all watercooling pumps and reservoirs.

And the platform itself can be mounted almost anywhere on the station.

Expanded Line of Modular Test Benches

The modular test benches are now available in many different widths, for 120×3 radiators all the way up to to 120×4 size radiators.

Tech Station for front 120x3 radiator     Tech Station for front 140x3 radiator     Tech Station for front 120x4 radiator


New Product! Compact ATX-size Tech Station

Now offering a smaller, less expensive tech station (test bench).

More info here.



Taller Tech Station Lower-tier

The height of the tech station lower tier has been raised to accommodate a CaseLabs S5 and S8 pedestal 120.3 radiator side mount.

ATX Tech Station Reviewed by LinusTechTips

A video review of our ATX tech station has been posted by LinusTechTips.

The two issues, mentioned in the review, of inadequate support for the PSU and radiator have already been addressed (via the addition of a couple of pieces of extrusion):

This product has evolved into the creation of a whole line of tech stations.

New “deep” open-air mining tray

Introducing the new “deep” version of the open-frame mining tray:

This version can fit inside a 19-inch server rack.

And can be assembled to support the GPUs vertically.