New Accessory: Flexible Fan Holder

New flexible fan holder!

Flexible fan holder

Small Tech Station Reviewed at ProClockers

Our small tech station has been reviewed over at ProClockers.

“Let me start off by saying, I love the Spotswood Computer Cases Small Tech Station. The design is so extremely flexible that the only limit is your imagination. Every time I look at it I come up with new ideas on ways to mount things. For a reviewer, hardware change outs are frequent and this level of flexibility is a true blessing.”

New 3.5-inch Hard Drive Mounting Kit!

Now offering a 3.5-inch to 5.25-inch mounting bracket.

New Large Tech Station

Now offering a large tect station (test bench) sized for EATX motherboards and two 120×4 radiators.

New Accessory: Switch Plate

New accessory!  Switch plate for 19mm switches.

Re-configurable Drive Cage

The drive cage can now be re-assembled for either 4x 5.25-inch or 3.5-inch drives.

Now on Facebook!

Spotswood Computer Cases, LLC is now on Facebook!


New Motherboard Mounting “Posts”

Tech stations will now include a few motherboard mounting “posts”, for easy/quick motherboard mounting.

Motherboard mounting post

New Universal Mounting Platform

A new accessory for all of the trays/benches is a “universal” mounting platform/bracket.

The spacing of all of the anodized aluminum flat bars can be adjusted to accommodate practically all watercooling pumps and reservoirs.

And the platform itself can be mounted almost anywhere on the station.

Expanded Line of Modular Test Benches

The modular test benches are now available in many different widths, for 120×3 radiators all the way up to to 120×4 size radiators.

Tech Station for front 120x3 radiator     Tech Station for front 140x3 radiator     Tech Station for front 120x4 radiator