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We Moved!

We are moving the shop and therefore unable to accept any orders until about mid-March.

We moved and are currently accepting orders.


New Product: Modding Block Brackets

Modding Block Brackets

15mm square blocks made from slotted aluminum extrusion.  There are M3 threaded holes on each axis along with ability to insert M3 nut(s) in each slot.

Modding block brackets


Can fasten materials to all 6 sides via M3 bolts:

Modding block bracket

An M3 nut inserted into a slot allows for “off center” fastening:

Order here.

Compact Tech Station Review

Overclockers reviews our Compact Tect Station.


Tiny Custom Case Frame

Sometimes we make custom cases too. Here’s a tiny case frame that will eventually go into a military night vision goggles case, turning it into a mobile gaming PC.

More pic here.


Small Tech Station Review

Small tech station reviewed by Extreme Rigs:

Small Tech Station Review -

Small Tech Station Review –


Custom All-in-one Monitor Stand and Open-air PC Case

Latest custom build is a monitor stand with attached open-air PC case.




New Product: Helmer miniITX Replacement Drawer/Case

A PC case that replaces three drawers of a IKEA’s Helmer cabinet, transforming it into a stylish personal computer.

Video from PAX East 2015

We were at PAX East this weekend and Linus Tech Tips did a short segment on our Helmer trays!



New Micro Tech Station

Now offering a micro tech station (test bench) sized for microATX motherboards.