Custom Cases

I’m also available for some custom work.   I’ve built small and large cases out of aluminium and wood.  And, I’ve even built cases out of the same materials a real drum builder would use.

More pictures of my work are in the gallery.


Box for 560 Radiator

Box for 560 radiator

Custom radiator box

External radiator box

External radiator case

Render Station

An ATX rig with a bunch of GPUs mounted over the motherboard, running SideFX and Redshift software.

Test Bench for Server Form Factor Motherboards

GPU Server Case

GPU server

4P/SWTX Case

Tiny Frame for Military Night Vision Goggles Case

Custom computer case

Custom PC case

Custom PC enclosure

All-In-One Case

Custom computer case

Custom PC case

Custom computer enclosure

Radiator boxes

Radiator box

Rad box

External radiator box

Small Form Factor

A custom mini-ITX frame.

Wooden Cases

Drum Cases